Rumors About Present Trends Of Football Transfer

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There is a lot of buzz regarding the recent tweet of Owen Garven. On Wednesday, the Irish midfielder posted that he is involved with the team for long time than “he”. Sources predicted that the tweet is directed to Ian Holloway, his manager.

Football-Transfer-wageringAssorted media outlets as well as fans and followers of Crystal Palace considered the act as the outcome of noncompliance of the player utterly distressed with the manager after realizing that he is not included in the team of Premier League.

According to a source, Florian Marange, Stephen Dobbie, and Aaron Wilbraham are also marginalized at Palace in order to pave the way for 351 new signings Holloway brought to the clubs in the last three days of the transfer. If these players can overcome the frustration of this unsatisfactory setback, they can join any other club of the Football League between September 8 and November 25.

It is significant to note that most of the footballers including Bacary Sagna, Tomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker of Arsenal are busy to improve their skills that would enable them to sign the attractive contracts.

According to Brazilian newspaper, David Luiz, the center-back of Chelsea, one of the famous clubs of South America as well as the world, has refused the excellent offer of Barcelona stating that he was really glad to be the part Chelsea as well as the national team.

Sources claimed that Juventus is going to sign the contract with Real Madrid in the place of midfielder Xabi Alonso, whose contract with Real Madrid will expire in the next summer. Experts of the game opined that it is perhaps the most suitable replacement for Andrea Pirlo.

Another source informed that West Bromwich is planning to have a discussion with Shane Long, their Ireland striker in order to renew the contract. However, reliable sources reported that few days earlier they are planned to release the player with the hope that they can include someone better in their team.

Richard Garlick, sporting and technical director of West Bromwich stated that Hull told them that they are unable to finance the deal they have previously agreed and intended to decrease it into the level that becomes impossible to accept by the club. He further informed that the reports released in the media are nothing but a rumor. There is absolutely no connection in renewing the contract with Shane with that of the joining of Romelu Lukaku in Everton.

However, several sources revealed that the decision behind keeping Shane in the team is entirely influenced by the personal involvement of Steve Clerk, manager of West Bromwich Albion. The renewal of the contract indicates the unwillingness of the club to release the player after the current contract expires in two year.

Joleon Lescott of Manchester stated that he would like to extend the contract after it expired in the next summer. He also added that if the club decided not to offer him any further opportunity to be the part of them, he won’t be upset.